Relic Hunter! (collecting relics)

When it comes to second cities, some people get lucky and get a deed from gollum (which is rare), while others simply buy it. If you don’t want to spend money, and aren’t feeling lucky, this guide will show you the free, but long way to acquire the second city deed.

When collecting relics, you need to build a sage tower, the higher the level the better! Once you have that, scout a level 6-10 goblin camp nearby your city. (again the higher the level of goblin camp the better!) Look at the type of troops it has, and send in 3x the amount, of the opposite.

With a level 9 muster field you can spam 9 waves of attack.

  1. First wave is the “breaker” which is the 3x amount of opposite troops.
  2. Second wave is 30k t1
  3. Send in 6 waves of 1 wagon each
  4. Attack again with another 2 waves of 30k t1.

Repeat this until you have relics. You WILL lose troops with this method as goblin camps regenerate. The time at which a camp repopulates can vary, so follow these steps and you’ll be okay.

You can also have a friend with a sage tower, send in waves of wagons at the camp once it has been broken (no enemy troops) and collect relics as well. Then you can have your friend hide his troops and attack him/her and collect their relics. Only if they give you permission.

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3 Responses to Relic Hunter! (collecting relics)

  1. Hanz says:

    So it has come to my attention through much reading on tips to relic hunting, that no one really knows of an effective way to obtain these. I remember when I first started out, relentlessly attacking a lvl 6 camp 80 times, only to get 5 relics, thinking about the agony of having to attack 2000 times in order to get the needed relics. This morning I just finished collecting enough for my second city, and I would like to propose that KABAM’s drop rate is not all that bad after all, and it is just in the execution that we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Note: these are all findings I found to be true, but you may find some vary for yourself. During the whole process I used a lvl 7 Sage’s tower, and these stats are based off of the newest update.
    It is my belief, that goblin camps lvl 6-10 work on two premises:
    1) Like resources, they must be allowed time to generate relics
    2) Like gold, the walls must be breached to steal a relic (so spamming a line of 8 separate supply cart waves after an attack is absolutely useless).
    Given these two premises, it is kind of wasteful, to continue to hit the same camp if it has already given you a relic given that it only has a finite number of them. What I found to be a lot quicker, was to create a list of all the camps around me lvl 6-7, and then send 1 attack to each (2k+ militiamen and 200 supply carts / 3.5k archers + 200 supply carts respectively) because I found that generally, I had the best odds of obtaining a relic on the first attack. This way, instead of having a dismal drop rate of around 5%, it was something more around 60%. I would then check my reports, and hit the camps that hadn’t given a relic once again. Granted, you are going to need a LOT of troops to be able to finance this, so I personally would collect around 10 relics/day and train troops for the next. It still is a mission that requires patience, but it is waaay more feasible this way.
    I hope this helps all of you out there that enjoy f2p games and have been pulling your hairs out bcuz of this.

  2. James Newman says:

    Here is a video showing how to hunt relics for the second and third city.

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