KoM Farmville!? (Farming Cities)

Most people make just enough res in their city to survive; but to thrive, you need to farm all the cities near you!

Here’s a quick guide on how to farm efficiently.

  1. Send a Supply Cart or Wagon to everyone within 0-2 minutes of you.
  2. Carts that bring back a FULL load of res, attack again with 200-300 wagons AND 400 t3 or 800 t2 or 1000 t1 troops.
  3. I then bookmark them as FarmA, FarmB, FarmC all the way to FarmZ. You can bookmark them anyways that makes sense to you.
  4. Attack all of your bookmarked farms and then give them 3+ hours to regenerate their resources before going through your bookmark list to attack them all again.
  5. Find out which cities are worth keeping on your farm list and which are not. This gives you a quick and efficient farming technique.

NOTES: Having a level 10 muster field and great hall maximizes the speed and amount of troops you can send without having to wait for troops to come back. I personally don’t farm cities that build walls. They are usually active and open up their troops on my wagons the next time, and I hate losing wagons. Some people enjoy tearing down walls, but I don’t think any wall under 10k troops is worth my time.

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