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I haven’t updated this Blog in almost a year since I’ve quit playing the game. If  anyone has any new tips or things to add, message me and I’ll still put them in. Advertisements

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Basics of Defending/Reinforcements!

This topic will give you some more info on reinforcing/defending, and how it works. To be or not to be (Hidden or Unhidden) Unhidden troops are able to defend your city. You can see if your troops are hidden/unhidden by … Continue reading

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KoM Farmville!? (Farming Cities)

Most people make just enough res in their city to survive; but to thrive, you need to farm all the cities near you! Here’s a quick guide on how to farm efficiently. Send a Supply Cart or Wagon to everyone … Continue reading

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Population, Happiness and TAXES!

If you tap the resource bar (in city or field view), at the top you’ll see three statistics related to population: Population, Idle Population, and Population Limit. The Population Limit is the maximum number of people your city is capable … Continue reading

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Please gollum, can I have some more? (Tokens)

Ever need just 1 more of Gollum’s tokens? Well this is a simple tip that can get you just that! On the bottom of the screen, scroll over to the right to reveal the share button. Select email, when it … Continue reading

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Troop Ratio and Effective ATTACKS!

This is an example of how your troop count should look in terms of ratio. T1 100k Mounted Elves/Mounted Dwarves 400k Elven Militia/Dwarven Militia 200k Elven Archers/Axe Throwers T2 50k Mounted Hunters/Boar Riders 50k Elven Warriors/Dwarf Warriors 50k Scorpions/Siege Crossbows … Continue reading

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Relic Hunter! (collecting relics)

When it comes to second cities, some people get lucky and get a deed from gollum (which is rare), while others simply buy it. If you don’t want to spend money, and aren’t feeling lucky, this guide will show you … Continue reading

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