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Basic beginners tips to get you started.

Please gollum, can I have some more? (Tokens)

Ever need just 1 more of Gollum’s tokens? Well this is a simple tip that can get you just that! On the bottom of the screen, scroll over to the right to reveal the share button. Select email, when it … Continue reading

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Use a SUPER HERO! (Great Hall Positions)

Having a high level hero cuts time in all aspects of training/building. To use your hero to speed things up, he/she must be assigned to the correct position BEFORE you start the activity.┬áThis is a common mistake some new players … Continue reading

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Popping those NEW BUBBLES!

Farming has never been so easy! In the early stages of this game, when you don’t have many troops, it is difficult to fight other players without them wiping you out. When cities with the 7 day protection bubble haven’t … Continue reading

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The bigger you are, the quicker you grow. (Second City Setup)

This setup uses the 2nd city to supply Food to the 1st city. The only time you should have food in your 1st city is when building troops or buildings in which case, you transport it from 2nd city. City … Continue reading

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Achieving a level 212 Hero (MAXED)

To get a level 212 you will need to do the following: Upgrade your Great Hall to level 10 FIRST. Get to level 199, do NOT go over. The xp for the hero at level 199 should be 3500XP or … Continue reading

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