Use a SUPER HERO! (Great Hall Positions)

Having a high level hero cuts time in all aspects of training/building. To use your hero to speed things up, he/she must be assigned to the correct position BEFORE you start the activity. This is a common mistake some new players make.

  1. To assign a hero to the correct position, go to your Great Hall>Position and select which position you want to assign your hero to.
  2. Once the activity has started, you can remove him/her from the position to use for attacking, or other positions.

When assigning your hero to production, you must leave him/her assigned for the bonus to take effect.

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Top KILLERS tactics.

  1. If you have a maxed level 212 hero, you will dominate everyone who doesn’t spend money. When you hit a closed city (troops are hidden) with wall defenses, you will have a BIG kill/death ratio. Invest in a HERO first, if you are going to spend money.
  2. Building T1 or 1 star troops is the next part of getting top troop kills. You will want to build large amounts of T1 (1 star) Militia Men to attack with. Using a High level hero, T1 troops devastate unprotected wall defense units, with minimal troop losses. Another reason you use Militia Men, is that most players build ranged defenses, which are weak against foot troops. The most constructed wall defense, are the defensive trebuchets, which are a T2 (2 star) unit. Which are ranged, and will be weak against foot troops.
  3. Most of your time will be spent using your best hero to go out, and find EVERY player in your area that has undefended walls, and attack them with your T1 (1 star) troops. You will need to attack every low-level player from 500k might. When you are finished killing everyone in that area, you can port your city to different areas using gandalfs gift, or radagasts gift, clearing every single player in a 10 minute marching area.  This may be accomplished in 1 day or 1 week per area depending on the server size, and age of the server. WARNING: You WILL receive a lot of hate mail, and make many enemy’s but as a Top player this is common. When you scout players, look for high level Great Halls, this will determine if they have a better hero than you, and will retaliate.
  1. Some players use 2 or more accounts, and some hardcore players even spend money on these accounts. What they do is take the second accounts troops, and re-enforce their main account with them. They also build wall defenses at their main city to support these alt account troops along with their large amounts of Ranged t3 troops.
  2. Having another 212 hero in your city set in the “training” position will defend your city giving you stat bonuses to your troops and wall defenses when you’re unhidden.  The troops that the alt-account kills, goes towards the main account’s troop kills. This tactic ends up letting players use their main army to go out and attack players, while creating an almost unbeatable army back at the players main base without any help from others.
  3. This tactic gives the main account 2x the troop kills. He gets to attack and grief, others while hoping for angry players to retaliate and attack his city with his “second army” waiting for them.  Low level players are helpless to stop this, and High level players can’t retaliate without feeding the defender massive troop kills. You will also find these type of players in Global Chat trying to TROLL attacks.  They anger the public and post their coordinates in the global chat hoping for people to attack them.  This is an easier searching on the map for a fight.
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Popping those NEW BUBBLES!

Farming has never been so easy! In the early stages of this game, when you don’t have many troops, it is difficult to fight other players without them wiping you out. When cities with the 7 day protection bubble haven’t been active since they started, it will show that they have a “bubble” of protection over them even past the 7 days. The way to bypass this protection, is by using your muster field to attack their coordinates. This will only work on EXPIRED protection bubbles that have become inactive.

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The bigger you are, the quicker you grow. (Second City Setup)

This setup uses the 2nd city to supply Food to the 1st city. The only time you should have food in your 1st city is when building troops or buildings in which case, you transport it from 2nd city.

City 1 should contain the following:

(Build t3 troops here)

  •     Troops storage
  •     Resource Storage (not food)
  •     5 to 6 Homes (Depends on play style)
  •     14 to 18 Barracks (Depends on play style)
  •     Sage Tower (only build if you will NOT buy a c2 deed)
  •     Tavern (Optional, increases speed between allies and your own cities.)
  •     Forge
  •     Armory
  •     Great Hall
  •     Academy
  •     Vault
  •     Muster Field
  •     Embassy
  •     Stable
  •     Watch Tower

Outside City Resources: (With Level 10 Keep)

  • 1 Farm
  • 19 Ore Vein
  • 1 Quarry
  • 19 Arboretum

Wilds: (With Level 10 Keep)

  • 5 Woods
  • 5 Mountain

City 2 should contain the following:
(Build t1 troops here)

  • FOOD Storage
  •  5 to 6 Homes (Depends on play style)
  • 15 to 19 Barracks (Depends on play style)
  • Tavern (Optional)
  • Forge
  • Armory
  • Great Hall
  • Academy
  • Vault
  • Muster Field
  • Stable
  • Watch Tower (Optional)

Outside City Resources

  • 19 Farms
  • 1 Woods
  • 1 Mountain
  • 19 Hill

Wilds: (With Level 10 Keep)

  • 5 Lake/Grasslands (Food)
  • 5 Hill (Stone)
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Achieving a level 212 Hero (MAXED)

To get a level 212 you will need to do the following:

  • Upgrade your Great Hall to level 10 FIRST.
  • Get to level 199, do NOT go over.
  • The xp for the hero at level 199 should be 3500XP or as close as possible without getting to level 200.
  • Buy a gandalf training token (100 mithril)
  • Use it on your level 199 hero. You will now have a level 212.
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