I haven’t updated this Blog in almost a year since I’ve quit playing the game. If  anyone has any new tips or things to add, message me and I’ll still put them in.

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Basics of Defending/Reinforcements!

This topic will give you some more info on reinforcing/defending, and how it works.

To be or not to be (Hidden or Unhidden)

Unhidden troops are able to defend your city. You can see if your troops are hidden/unhidden by going to your keep>overview>hide all troops (on/off). Your troops will be used to defend incoming attacks when they are unhidden. To maximize your stats while defending, your highest level Hero should be in the Training Position in your Great Hall. If you have a level 9 Watch Tower, you can see the incoming attack’s Hero level, if it’s higher than yours, you will most likely have more losses than them, so it’s a good idea to hide at that point if they are sending a lot of troops because you could get zeroed. Only open when you think you are going to have a better ratio of kills to death.

Hidden troops will not be able to defend your city, and if you have resources over your protection limit, they will be stolen. If you are hidden and have have unprotected resources that you want to keep, you can send them to another member in your ally before the attack hits. Unprotected resources are those which are over your protection limit. You can see how much resources are protected by tapping on your resource tab at the top and look what your protection limit says. A level 9 vault can protect 900k resources, if you have level 9 strongbox research along with that, you will be able to protect 1.71m of each resource (not gold).

When asking for reinforcements you should have your troops unhidden and your highest level hero in the training position in the great hall. Do not abuse reinforcement requests, you should only ask for them when the attacker is sending enough troops to wipe your own army out. When reinforcing, if you are a dwarf and reinforce an elf, and the attacker is an elf, the dwarf will be attacked first until there is no more dwarf troops, then the elf will attack the elf. Same goes for an elf reinforcing a dwarf and a dwarf is attacking. The elf will be killed first then the dwarf troops will get attacked.

Troops kills from a reinforcing army go to the player who is defending not the reinforcements.

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KoM Farmville!? (Farming Cities)

Most people make just enough res in their city to survive; but to thrive, you need to farm all the cities near you!

Here’s a quick guide on how to farm efficiently.

  1. Send a Supply Cart or Wagon to everyone within 0-2 minutes of you.
  2. Carts that bring back a FULL load of res, attack again with 200-300 wagons AND 400 t3 or 800 t2 or 1000 t1 troops.
  3. I then bookmark them as FarmA, FarmB, FarmC all the way to FarmZ. You can bookmark them anyways that makes sense to you.
  4. Attack all of your bookmarked farms and then give them 3+ hours to regenerate their resources before going through your bookmark list to attack them all again.
  5. Find out which cities are worth keeping on your farm list and which are not. This gives you a quick and efficient farming technique.

NOTES: Having a level 10 muster field and great hall maximizes the speed and amount of troops you can send without having to wait for troops to come back. I personally don’t farm cities that build walls. They are usually active and open up their troops on my wagons the next time, and I hate losing wagons. Some people enjoy tearing down walls, but I don’t think any wall under 10k troops is worth my time.

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Population, Happiness and TAXES!

If you tap the resource bar (in city or field view), at the top you’ll see three statistics related to population: Population, Idle Population, and Population Limit. The Population Limit is the maximum number of people your city is capable of housing, which is determined solely by your Homes, both how many you have and each one’s level. The Population is your actual population, which is your Population Limit multiplied by your Happiness percent. For example, if your Happiness is 75%, and your Population Limit is 10,000, your Population will be 7,500. We’ll look at Happiness later. Finally, your Idle Population is your Population minus your workforce. Your workforce are the people working in your resource buildings; each one employs a certain number of people, depending on its type and level. There is no way to directly see the size of your workforce.

Having lots of idle population is a GOOD thing! Your idle population are the people who will get trained into troops. The higher your idle population, the more troops you can train at once (assuming you also have enough resources).

When you start training, both your Population and Idle Population figures will temporarily decrease. They decrease by the same amount, the amount of people that you just put into training. These figures will gradually come back up to their normal levels. The speed of this replenishment is affected by your city’s Happiness. The higher the happiness, the quicker the replenishment.

Happiness is simply 100 minus your Tax. For example, if your tax is 25%, your Happiness will be 75%. I personally keep my tax at 0% because gold comes easy when farming other cities.

If you set your tax to 100%, your population will gradually decrease to zero, and you will have no income at all. Also, you will have no resource production, either, because there are no workers for your resource buildings. Conversely, if you set your tax rate to 0%, your Population will max out to your Population Limit, but you will have no income. Mathematically, you get the best long-term income with a tax rate of 50%. This is a good rate to have in the early stages of the game, when you need gold for research but can’t yet get much from farming (attacking other players to steal resources; we’ll look more at farming later). Later, as you can get more gold from farming, you can start to decrease your tax rate, eventually to zero, which will give you more idle population to put into training at one time.

Note that changes to your population are gradual (except for starting training, which immediately decreases your population by the amount put into training). If you change your tax rate, it will take time for your Happiness to adjust, and for your population numbers to adjust as well.

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Please gollum, can I have some more? (Tokens)

Ever need just 1 more of Gollum’s tokens? Well this is a simple tip that can get you just that!

On the bottom of the screen, scroll over to the right to reveal the share button. Select email, when it opens up hit cancel in the top left corner then save draft. Do this 10x and it should give you a message saying you’ve received an extra token. You can do this once per day. Save up 6 of them to use on the premium chance for better prizes.

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Troop Ratio and Effective ATTACKS!

This is an example of how your troop count should look in terms of ratio.


  • 100k Mounted Elves/Mounted Dwarves
  • 400k Elven Militia/Dwarven Militia
  • 200k Elven Archers/Axe Throwers


  • 50k Mounted Hunters/Boar Riders
  • 50k Elven Warriors/Dwarf Warriors
  • 50k Scorpions/Siege Crossbows


  • 100k Mounted Galadhrim/Heavy Boar Riders
  • 150k Battering Rams
  • 200k Ents/Catapults

Scouting the enemy is a great way to find out what types of troops they have most of, which lets you know what type of troop you should attack with.

When fighting T3 troops, if your hero is a higher level than the opponent. In this case you can use a mix of t2/t3, but if their hero is a similar level or higher, you must use T3, or else you will be losing a lot more might than they will. To find out if they have a higher hero level, scout them, and if their Great Hall is a higher level than yours, they have a higher hero.

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Relic Hunter! (collecting relics)

When it comes to second cities, some people get lucky and get a deed from gollum (which is rare), while others simply buy it. If you don’t want to spend money, and aren’t feeling lucky, this guide will show you the free, but long way to acquire the second city deed.

When collecting relics, you need to build a sage tower, the higher the level the better! Once you have that, scout a level 6-10 goblin camp nearby your city. (again the higher the level of goblin camp the better!) Look at the type of troops it has, and send in 3x the amount, of the opposite.

With a level 9 muster field you can spam 9 waves of attack.

  1. First wave is the “breaker” which is the 3x amount of opposite troops.
  2. Second wave is 30k t1
  3. Send in 6 waves of 1 wagon each
  4. Attack again with another 2 waves of 30k t1.

Repeat this until you have relics. You WILL lose troops with this method as goblin camps regenerate. The time at which a camp repopulates can vary, so follow these steps and you’ll be okay.

You can also have a friend with a sage tower, send in waves of wagons at the camp once it has been broken (no enemy troops) and collect relics as well. Then you can have your friend hide his troops and attack him/her and collect their relics. Only if they give you permission.

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